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I’ve created a Zazzle store for placing my art on select products. Its fun to offer my images this way, there are coasters and mugs available; hope you enjoy ;)

zazzle cupred_chair_at_morning_coffee_mug-r900969fbebc74d0fa0f1abc9c872dbc4_x7jg5_8byvr_324

If you’d like to see more products please let me know, I’m curious!


Perhaps this is why


This as yet untitled poem of mine made me ponder, is this why I paint? Because I am compelled to express, and one way or the other, I will?

oh to try less

to let those experiences the mind can’t possibly tap

with words

be in you gloriously silent

and alive

palms72 copy

Paintings aren’t silent, at least not to me… but they do speak from a different place…..


Oh, I know nothing much and so many things.
I am not young, I am not old;
I am living in amazement.

I have no idea if others can see beyond routine this sheer joy .

Born of a particular time, privileged to have been poor and rich; to
Have suffered and triumphed, because in that – true richness is
Attained. If we let it

If we let it be.  And more

If we furiously, happily and famously forge ahead
Each time- saying yes
To the sighs and the yearning and the giddy exaltation of living.


Back to Shore

When I’ve been away from painting for awhile, as I have been lately (helping move my favorite non-profit, The Curious Forge) I begin to feel as though I’m on a boat that’s drifted far out to sea.


And I begin to want to see shore again. When I paint, I feel like I can see the shore and all is well.

I’ve wondered if it means I’m ‘more’ of an artist if I keep that shore in sight…. but I’m not so sure. Everything I experience becomes part of whatever art I create, so I suspect those times far away from shore are rather vital for me. It’s like breathing different air… I come back refreshed, energized, excited about what was discovered and wanting to, yet again, do my part in expressing it.

It’s so often the juxtaposition of things that inspire me, and compel me to express. In this case, painting and not painting. The ebb and flow of activity, of feelings, of situations, relationships.. all the things we bump up against in any given day, week, month, year. I live, I express, I live, I express – expressing while I live and living while expressing – I love the tumble of it all!

Today I head towards shore again, and as always, will do my best to pay attention.

“Skiathos, Greece” (prints available)

‘Nuff Said


Exquisite Tension

There is an exquisite


Between the call of the road

And the richness of staying here.


I’m a horse at the gate


And the one pasturing

Tranquil and still.


In depth I find wideness

In width oneness


I am in love with contrast

    And seek embrace

       At every turn


Homes of our Heart

I began doing Home Portraits a few years ago. It’s such a special experience to see a home come even more alive in a painting, and I really love talking with people about their homes, what’s unique or meaningful for them, or simply to share their memories and hopes. 


This is the photo of the home: IMG_0031

And this is my parent’s home – a gift to them ;)



All inquiries for commissions welcome! ;)

New Greece

 Completed the work in progress….


“Hunched Over our Possibilities”  11″x14″  $135

In the Etsy Mall and Work in Progress

Setting up shop!

I have a new Etsy Store (KaraAsilanis), check it out:


A foray into the virtual world although really its pretty physical since there are human beings all connected this way.. how do my paintings and the people that love them find each other after all – doing what I can to facilitate this ;)

And a merry matchmaking it is!

Work in Progress:

I’ve returned to a favorite subject of mine recently… Greece. This work in progress is from the island of Santorini:


I tend to paint the sky last in painting landscapes or architecture, and for me the sky can make all the difference in whether a painting ‘works’ for me…. I rarely have an idea of how I’ll paint it until I’m doing it and I like that, it somehow brings the whole piece together. Stay tuned….

What is Illuminated?

Don’t you just feel like this sometimes?


Now, is the chair jumping for joy? Up in the air? Startled? Falling to earth? Flying? With each expression it may change how you see the painting. Something like how looking at the same situation from different perspectives changes what we think about it…

I’ve been reflecting a lot on this as I practice approaching things, not from my habitual way of doing it, but by asking if I have another perspective to come from, and see what is illuminated for me. And I’m loving it. Just as I find any painting pretty much a new experiment, which keeps me open and curious, this practice is making my life richer, and more fun.

So for me, today, this painting is flying, and jumping for joy! And of course that feels great. Tomorrow may bring something else, and I’ll let it be new, and see what I discover.