Back to Shore

When I’ve been away from painting for awhile, as I have been lately (helping move my favorite non-profit, The Curious Forge) I begin to feel as though I’m on a boat that’s drifted far out to sea.


And I begin to want to see shore again. When I paint, I feel like I can see the shore and all is well.

I’ve wondered if it means I’m ‘more’ of an artist if I keep that shore in sight…. but I’m not so sure. Everything I experience becomes part of whatever art I create, so I suspect those times far away from shore are rather vital for me. It’s like breathing different air… I come back refreshed, energized, excited about what was discovered and wanting to, yet again, do my part in expressing it.

It’s so often the juxtaposition of things that inspire me, and compel me to express. In this case, painting and not painting. The ebb and flow of activity, of feelings, of situations, relationships.. all the things we bump up against in any given day, week, month, year. I live, I express, I live, I express – expressing while I live and living while expressing – I love the tumble of it all!

Today I head towards shore again, and as always, will do my best to pay attention.

“Skiathos, Greece” (prints available)