Here is Where I Work

Ok, it’s a bit skewed but I like it. there is the corner of my easel, there is the back of my piano with the floating mandarins.. and there is a mirror near the front door.

I don’t paint all the time. It’s more like fits and starts. I start and then I have a fit 😉

Actually it’s not so much like that anymore, in the beginning it was almost excruciating conceiving and executing a painting, the critic demons loomed pretty large in my head. With time, it began to change, and now I can bat them away pretty well. However, I do find it funny that I suddenly decide to clean something when I sit down in front of the easel with a new work. I don’t fight it or think it’s procrastinating, not anymore; if that’s the segue to me working then I take it. And as a bonus, wow, I have a clean shower too! Such a deal.

It’s much more productive, and fun, to be amused by one’s tendencies.

I think a creative piece percolates before anything is done on canvas, once an idea is launched I feel something moving inside; something considering, loving, getting excited. And I love that time too.

Here is that full pic: