There will always be things
that take you away from what matters.

The dishwasher that breaks and the gutters
that need cleaning.

But they are not your life
unless you let them be

Your life is this moment you’re
reading this

Your life is the moment you wake up
and how do you feel?

Your LIFE is every moment in between
anything you have to DO

In the end
none of the doing matters

What matters
is how others feel with you
what matters

Is how much you’ve been able to appreciate

Being alive.

We get distracted by so many things

By many stories

But don’t we all sigh at a baby

Seeing that pure wonder

At my deathbed I doubt seriously I’ll think about my poems

Or my job

Or my business

Or my paintings

I think

I’ll think about love and you

I’ll think about air and light and movement

And how all my senses

Became me

Made me.

This lessens NONE

Of the doing

Let the doing be fun and instructive

Let the doing

Support what becomes me.

On my deathbed

I’ll say ‘look’

Here I am.