On local scenes and a home

Our local scene is amazing, not only our whole arts culture which is incredibly diverse and lively for a town this size but also for our historical buildings and landmarks… and I’ve been working on getting a number of local places painted because, well, that’s what I do.

The Nevada County Courthouse in Nevada City:

20″x24″ acrylic on canvas

Yes, it’s a bit sloping…. But I always see it that way! A local judge who saw it commented that it quite fit the place…. I think he was thinking that in some other way than I meant though 😉

Ah, the Chief Crazy Horse Saloon… well known and frequented bar that for a brief strange turn became a yogurt shop… but I hear its being prepped to be a bar again; high fives all around, it will be welcomed back no doubt:

This is owned by a friend of mine


This iconic house is at the top and split at Broad Street, you can’t miss it and it’s one of the representative homes of Nevada City:

12″x12″ acrylic on canvas

Right now I’m working on the National Hotel, the oldest continuously running hotel west of the Rocky Mountains, 130 years! It’s a registered historical landmark… would show it to you but as I paint on black the white sketches don’t show well in a photo.  I’ll certainly post once I have it.

I’m going to continue this endeavor on and off as I’d like to capture these places to honor and appreciate them. And to appreciate this area that has truly become a home for me, and as an air force brat that is saying something…I never linked ‘home’ to a place until after I moved here in 1989…it occured to me after returning from a trip because I remember feeling like I was ‘coming home’ and it struck me how that was the first time I’d ever felt that, and I was in my mid-thirties! So what was home before I wondered? “Home” resided within me, and that was good… AND I found having a physical place to land really anchored me and I appreciate that to this day; it makes my travels even more vital. Love going away, and I love coming home.

Cheers, happy autumn y’all