The K poems: Thoughts While Living

“The K”. My first and only nickname ever. Good friends have called my writings ‘K poems’ so in keeping with some sort of continuity in what has been a rather changeful life… I bring them in to title this blog.

I’m compelled to express.. its why I have always been drawn to the arts… theatre, dance, film, writing; and though I always appreciated art I didn’t become a painter until I was 46. I wanted to paint for a long time before I actually did.. from that experience I learned to power of desire. I learned that all the power is in desire. I’ll likely write about this, encouraging dreams, imaginings, and the richness of feeling the joy (I hope!) desiring brings you….from that the resources of the world find their way to your door.

My passion is creativity. Creation is life force, from the simplest day to a painting the influence we have on our own experience is without measure.

My desire now is to increase exposure to my work.. it feels right, it feels time; because it is about expansion itself; this being, Kara, has an intense curiosity about  life and it’s brought me to exploring my edges, to learning new things, to creating in more and more ways. Its wonderfully exciting. Even as I define my preferences, I am also going in newer and deeper areas. These posts will be about painting and more.

welcome, many thanks, I hope you enjoy