Wide Dreams Becoming

Through the door, movement

Wide Dreams… I wrote this roughly 30 years ago. It’s gratifying to realize that now my days begin more and more as I wished them to in this poem.

wide dreams
insecure confessions
laughingly told while
watching for judgment;

exposed/my wide dreams
become afraid of confidence
and suffer disbelief
in themselves

oh to awaken wide dreams
every morning with glorious
shining affirmations
ringing joyous in their

Wide dreams… the continual progression towards becoming… which often seems to entail finding one’s way back home. Yet without the journey, would we see home for what it is, see ourselves – or better, appreciate ourselves, for who we are? We embrace or resist change and experience depending on our constitution, our history, our expectation; learning how to become friendly both to myself and to change and movement that is life has made a huge difference in these mornings of mine…